Library on Wheels is dedicated to the Children of Uganda that’s why we have set up a Mobile Library. This Library is brought to the School and set up for a given period of time given by the school authorities.

Library on Wheels desires for the children of Uganda to have a reading culture instilled in them from a young age. It also helps the children have an experience of a library set up.

We have a variety of books in our Library on Wheels among these are:  Bible Stories, Character Building, General Stories, Adventure, Scholastic, etc.  These books range from Baby Class (Nursery) to Primary 7.

For Schools that are privileged to have books and don’t have a set up place for a Library, Library on wheels is willing help organize the books and set up a library for them.

We pray that God would use the books to help the children in their education and that each child that reads theses books will come to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

We look forward to partnering with schools that desires their pupils learn through reading.

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Nations Shakers

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