Faith and Science Ministries

This is a ministry majoring in three main activities:

  1. Looking for retired pastors. 
  2. Showing The Jesus Film in mainly urban areas. 
  3. Meeting with willing pastors and church workers for a time of encouragement:

Jesus Film

When pastors in a particular area contact us, desiring to have Jesus Film shown in their operational area, we make arrangements, setting date and deciding on the place and necessary requirements.

Retired Pastors

Through corroborations with current gospel ministers (pastors) we look for retired pastors, wherever they are in Uganda, who in the past devoted their lives, fulfilling the Great Commission of spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and now are in their retirement age. We reach them with a hand of thankfulness for their prime years devoted to the course. We also release them to share their story with us and recorded to encourage many others, still in the ministry


Encouraging of Pastors

When pastors contact us from their operational area or locality, desiring encouragement in the work of their callings, we are more than willing to minister to them spiritual words of encouragement. We usually do both on the same day; beginning with meeting with the pastors and later in the evening showing the Film in a selected open place. We prefer a trading centers nearby. If possible, Tuesday is our choice day, but with flexibility to a more applicable day suitable to the area, if need be.


About Us

We are not-profit making Christian ministry based in Kampala – Uganda. We are evangelistic in nature with a social cause. we partner with churches and leadership in our outreaches both rural and urban areas

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Faith And Science Ministries 
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